Preschool parent participation

How you can be involved

There are many ways in which parents may participate and contribute to Kinma:

  • Spend time at the Preschool as a 'kid' or a helper
  • Attend parent evenings
  • Talk with staff and parents
  • Help out with Snack Attack
  • Share a special skill or interest
  • Add your name to the odd jobs roster
  • Assist with organizational tasks, e.g. clean blocks, sort our 'junk' areas
  • Complete tasks at home, e.g. sew cushions, cover books, wash dress ups
  • Attend social functions
  • Hold a position on the Kinma Board or a sub-committee
  • Collaborate with staff on policy development and share the decision making process
  • Assist by coming on excursions

More about parent involvement in the Kinma community

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