Meet our primary teachers

Children spend a major part of each day with the teacher who is responsible for developing the educational program for their group.

There are no bells at Kinma. Children come inside the buildings when "in-time" is called by the staff. Children work in small groups for the development of their basic skills and concepts.

Children dialogue freely with all in the community. Teachers provide feedback where appropriate. However, at Kinma we avoid evaluation that implies comparison of one child with another.

Teacher Training

The teachers at Kinma are encouraged to continue their professional development through in-service training. They also review current literature and findings in education, psychology and related fields for possible contributions to the learning program in the school.

Kate Chockman


Group 3 Teacher

Kate completed her internship with us in 2013. After a couple years teaching rurally and exploring the globe, Kate now teaches children in Years 5 and 6 in Group 3 with Kimberley and Priscila, meeting each day with excitement, playfulness and enthusiasm.

If you were ever searching for Kate at Kinma, you’d find her running around on the bottom field playing a game of soccer or observing and admiring the native wildlife. Kate has a strong passion for the environment, creative arts, and science which she utilises to spark children’s creativity and interest. Kate loves to create learning experiences which allow children to naturally engage and explore.

Kimberley Read


Group 3 Teacher

Kimberley first joined the Kinma community as a playgroup parent and quickly realised she had found her home. She began teaching in 2016 after completing her practicum at Kinma, and is currently teaching and playing with children in Years 5 and 6 in Group 3 with Kate and Priscila.

Kimberley loves the freedom to follow children's interests, play-based learning and getting to know her students.



Basketball teacher

Jerome has been teaching and playing with Kinma children for as long as we can remember! He is a much loved member of our team who joins us in the colder months in Terms 2 and 3 when we play basketball.

Katy Bennett


Group 2 Teacher/Learning Support 

Katy is excited to be learning and teaching at Kinma! She began her teaching career in England before travelling and teaching in Tanzania, Peru and Nepal. She’s now settled in Australia and, when not teaching, enjoys having fun with her young daughter. Katy is also a yoga teacher and loves sharing her love of yoga and learning with the children at Kinma.

Tom Brien


Group 1 Teacher

Tom completed his practicum at Kinma and teaches our Year K and Year 1 children in Group 1.

Tom is happy to have found a home at Kinma joining kindred spirits both big and small.

A lover of the ocean and father to three little humans, Tom is excited to play, learn and create with our Group 1 friends.

Sean Curran


Group 2 Teacher

Sean completed his final teaching placement at Kinma in late 2021 and was thrilled to officially join the team the very next term. Before that, he’d worked with children since 2015 both as an English tutor and a children’s entertainer. Sean co-teaches with Vanessa and Katy in Group 2 with Year 2 and 3 students.

His goal is to continue to forge deep connections at Kinma and bring his love of drama and literature into the classroom.

Priscila Kern


Group 3 Teacher/Learning Support

Priscila has always been very curious and passionate about nature so she decided to study Biological Science back in her homeland. She spent several years studying and working with microbiology, ecology and government projects working towards a better quality environment. She is also passionate about art and culture and is always finding creative ways of incorporating and blending these into the classroom. After arriving in Australia, Priscila came to a Kinma school tour and fell in love with the School and its education philosophy. Priscila is part of Group 3 working alongside Kimberley and Kate, and loves to nurture and teach young children.

Janet Caddick


Group 1 Teacher

Janet is excited to join the Kinma family in 2024. She works with Tom in Year 1 teaching Kindergarten and Year 1. Originally from South Africa, Janet loves exploring new curricular and even worked at the first International Finnish school. Her passion for education and love of learning are clearly evident in her classroom and within the learning experiences she creates on a daily basis. Young at heart, Janet loves keeping active and eagerly shares this knowledge with her class.

Vanessa Jones

photo Ness

Group 2 Teacher

Ness is grateful to join the Kinma community and support the learning journey of Group 2 alongside Sean and Priscila.

She is a lifelong learner who has taught in many different school settings in Australia and around the world. She believes in the importance of being in nature, mindfulness and loves practicing yoga. She is passionate about positive psychology and enjoys teaching social and emotional skills and learning ways to improve wellbeing.

Emily Hodgson


Education Leader

Emily joined Kinma as Education Leader in 2024 and is excited to be part of the Kinma community! Teaching since 2017 and originally from England, Emily set off in 2022 to explore more of the world and is now settled in Australia. When not teaching, Emily loves to explore the coastal walks that Sydney has to offer as is partial to a bit of surfing (although still a beginner!). Emily is passionate about progressive and inquiry-based education and allowing children to learn through exploration of the world around them.